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Products and options

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Classic ROK espresso maker. NEW STOCK JUST ARRIVED! Click 'view' for full details of what's included. (FREE UK Mainland delivery) OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: You may need to contact your card provider before the transaction so it can be processed at the checkout. view £124.16
Copper & Chrome complete ROK espresso maker. Complete with all the accessories of the classic ROK. NEW STOCK JUST ARRIVED!view £140.83
11 piece Refurbishment Kit - fits both ROK and Presso (incl. single espresso splitter, plunger, water chamber, silicone filter, 3 x 'O' rings and 4 x rubber feet) (Free UK mainland delivery / £5.00 delivery elsewhere)view £20.83
Spare / replacement Portafilter (Free UK mainland delivery / £5.00 delivery elsewhere) view £16.67
Spare / replacement Stainless Steel Milk Frother (Free UK mainland delivery / £5.00 delivery elsewhere)view £16.67
Spare / replacement Scoop/Tamper (Free UK Mainland delivery / £3.50 elsewhere)view £4.17
Spare / replacement Splitter Spout (Free UK mainland delivery / £3.50 delivery elsewhere)view £4.17
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