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June 3 2014       5 stars

This Rok Manual Espresso Maker is fantastic! Really easy to use and to clean it. The coffee comes out strong, creamy and with a great flavor.

May 12 2014      5 stars 

The first few cups were all over the place quality-wise. After a dozen cups or so, you'll get better at getting consistent results. Just watch all the online video tutorials, and you'll get more crema in your espresso and less of that watered down stuff.
April 25 2014      5 stars
Works just like it said, easy, and no power or electric parts to fix, once you get it down makes a great crema.
April 12 2014      5 stars 
Love it! It will be great for making espresso when no power is available (camping). It is easy to use. I watched the online video by the maker. Takes a little practice to perfect.
April 2 2014       5 stars
This product is easy to use and portable. Going to the mountains with friends? Take this machine with you and be the STAR!
My only problem is that I don't see instructions on how to use the milk frother and haven't tried to use it yet. Love to make espresso with this handy little machine that takes no electricity!
March 28 2014   4 stars
If your looking for great tasting espresso shots and don't mind boiling your own water, you'll love this machine. I've been able to pack some very fine ground beans very hard into the porta filter and still get the extraction although it does take some effort. I don't like the fact that they used plastic for the cylinder and piston. Hopefully it will hold up as well as the rest of the machine will. I've only had mine for two weeks since writing this review but I have enjoyed it. By far the best espresso shots I've ever had are from this machine. I can only imagine that a Pavoni would be superior to this. I definitely recommend this machine!!!
March 25 2014    5 stars
I gave a ROK espresso maker to my fiancé for Christmas. He loves it and we use it every morning! I was already used to heating water separately because I've used a French press for years, and the small quantity of water you need to make espresso means you can just use the microwave instead of an electric kettle.
Here are a couple things we've learned:
- Leave the grounds in the basket after you make espresso. The next morning, heat water and pour it in the machine with the used grounds and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Press the water out, then replace the grounds, heat new water, and make your morning espresso. Heating the espresso maker ahead of time is really helpful, especially on cooler mornings. If you don't have grounds in the basket, the water will simply run through instead of sitting in place to heat the metal.
- Press fairly slowly. If you go too quickly, the extra pressure will escape out of the basket's top, potentially spraying coffee grounds into your espresso, or escape back out of the plunger's top.
- It makes a scant double shot. If two people each want a double shot of espresso, you'll need to make two batches.
The machine is obviously well-made and very sturdy. We look forward to using it for years!
March 17 2014    5 stars
It's no Rancilio Silvia, but it produces better espresso shots than anything else I've used in the under $500 price range. Much better than any fully automatic machine in my experience.
Note it is a manual machine so there is a little bit of a learning curve. Also as always, an espresso machine is only as good as the grinder being used. I'd recommend the Baratza Encore which is possibly the best entry grinder around. You may also want to purchase a 49mm tamper.
February 17 2014    5 stars
Crema was the bugga boo for me. No crema no good. It took me awhile to get the grind just right but I have it now. My morning double shot is every bit as good as that made by the Barista machine I had. The crema comes mostly at the end of the pull so I put just enough water in the chamber to do the double shot. Its all good.
January 22 2014     5 stars
As a proud owner of a super automatic Gaggia machine, I had serious concerns about what I might do for my daily fix when moving to Jerusalem for a year. Just in time, the ROK was released in the US. I studied the options at length and determined this was the most practical option: something I could pack in my luggage, won't need a plug adapter, and is known to produce an excellent espresso. Additionally I bought a hand powered burr grinder to complete my VERY manual process. This is not for the faint at heart. Every morning with the help of some excellent coffee beans, 3% milk, and some very good chocolate syrup, I create a very high quality four shot mocha using the hand grinder, heavy tamper, an electric kettle, my ROK espresso maker, the microwave, a quick read thermometer, and the hand powered milk frother. The quality of my final product rivals anything I can produce with a super automatic and is better than any mocha I've had in a coffee bar. But the downside is that it takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. So be patient!
A word of caution: When first working with the ROK, allow for several shots of disappointment as you work to find the perfect grind. It is super fussy in that regard. If the coffee is too coarse the water will pour through the device and not create the pressure necessary for a good espresso. If the grind is too fine the water will trickle through at such a slow rate that it will produce bitter, unpleasant espresso. I suggest you tamp firmly in layers and time your shot at 25 seconds so you don't over extract. I'm not afraid to throw the last few seconds of the brew away in order to have a perfect shot. Also, if you are not getting a good feeling of pressure resistance and producing some nice crema, then you've got the grind too coarse. But too much resistance and you'll have a poor cup as well. Never force the shot as the machine could be damaged. You are looking for a reasonable resistance, not a workout. It took me about 15- 20 shots to get it down to a science. Now it is a perfect cup every time. I love this machine.
January 14 2014     5 stars
The Espresso Coffee maker takes time to learn to use, its fun and great at party's, I love it.
January 13 2014      5 stars
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He uses it everyday. He insists it makes the smoothest, most delicious cup of espresso ever. This was a great hit in our house!!
December 31 2013   5 stars
if you simply want the best coffee this will do it. Also I love that I don't need electricity just hot water. I hand grind my beans with the Porlex JP-30. Completely off grid. Perfect.
December 8 2013     5 stars
Wow. Really? All along, making great espresso was this simple? Yes, I said great. I have bought expensive espresso machines in the past and I am a coffee freak. I have every coffee maker known to man.
This machine is amazing. It is well built and the design is amazing.
I go this only the other day and I am buzzing from all the caffeine because I keep trying different tamps and coffees and mixtures. I made black eyes and espresso - you name it.
it is so easy to use - much easier than I thought it would be, even after using the reviews. I have made espresso with medium bodied beans. I have made coffee, strong and medium with this machine. If you just want a great espresso, you need to tamp well and make sure you have a good fine grind. You make as many cups as I have already made and you will have your perfect cup - forget counting bars on the machines that you want to spend 5K on. This thing is better because you can play with the settings - you are the settings. Bottom line, it is inexpensive, easy to use, makes great espresso and coffee and honest, it is for me, as good as another machine i bought that cost me 3K! I won't name it because I still like having a real espresso maker for effect - there is something to be said for the process but this thing is the way to go if you are on a budget or even if you just like having fun making good coffee. I love this thing.

We love this coffee maker.

You only heat as much water as you need, it uses muscle power rather than electricity, it produces a great coffee (providing of course you use a good coffee), it looks great and it's portable. We take ours everywhere because it is small and not delicate. We have made many a new, coffee loving friend when camping!! - Coffee Guzzler, Amazon.

Lloyd Alter


"I have a Presso manual coffeemaker designed by Patrick Hunt of Therefore Design," says Lloyd Alter. "It uses a tiny bit of hot water and makes a very good espresso without any electricity."
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Great Coffee - tfi_nrj, Amazon


What I really love about the presso is the act of making your espresso becomes something of a ritual. I love waking up in the morning and pulling a great shot of espresso. It feels like an art, a skill to be honed. But once you've got your technique down you'll never go back to a semi-auto.

Presso is Sunday Times' Coffee Gadget of the Month - Rob Nash, Sunday Times


The Italians invented steam-powered espresso makers around the turn of the 20th century; now a British company has gone one up on them by developing the first hand-pumped machine.

As with an electric model, you load it up by putting fine grounds into a little tray that slots into the contraption. But rather than flicking a switch and waiting for it to heat up, just boil a kettle, pour the water straight into a small chamber at the top, lift the arms, wait a few seconds, then pump down.

There’s no rumbling, steaming and gurgling and the gadget looks pretty swanky too — reminiscent of Philippe Starck’s lemon squeezer, without the exorbitant mark-up. Unlike other espresso makers, it doesn’t take up half your kitchen space.

All the parts other than the metal body can be cheaply replaced via Presso’s website, and the device is easy to dismantle for a spring clean. And of course, whereas conventional espresso machines guzzle electricity, the Presso needs only enough power to boil a kettle — and a bit of elbow grease. In fact, you’ll make 100 coffees before you add £1 to your electricity bill.

The big question is, can it achieve the so-called God shot, the perfect espresso that is the holy grail of coffee lovers? Presso reckons the manual action exerts a pressure of 5-10 bars, which is in line with the ideal 9 bars that coffee geeks demand. And the machine certainly got close to the crema-topped espresso you’d expect from hardware costing many times the price.

Once you master the technique — and the timing — you will pull a shot that beats nine out of 10 cafe-served coffees. And with the supplied manual milk frother you’ll make a mean cappuccino, too.

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This Presso espresso maker is simply gorgeous!


This Presso espresso maker is simply gorgeous! The design is both sexy and elegant - without doubt a design icon of the future - also looks fabulous in my kitchen. It's made from solid polished aluminium and just oozes quality. Most of my houseguests are at first confused and then intrugued by it. Actually it's really simple and easy to use. There's no electricity, you just load the spoon with ground coffee, pour boiling water in the top, lift up the handles and then press down. Simple but very clever, and the coffee flavour is really delicious. I use it every day, Capucinno with some frothy milk is my favourite. There's hardly any cleaning either - you just rinse the spoon under the tap.
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Chris Reeves @zippyonline, Twitter

I like coffee the #coffee that comes out of the @PressoHQ - a whole new level of coffee awesomeness!

Lynne Robertson – Ripon

I bought it for my husband who had had it recommended to him by a friend and we shall definitely recommend it to all our friends; it makes fantastic coffee and looks very stylish in our kitchen.