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  • It's hard to pull the arms down - why?

    If the arms are too hard to pull down, STOP. The coffee might be too fine or tamped too densely. 

    WARNING: Risk of scalding from hot water

    Do not try to create as much pressure as you can. 

    Empty the portafilter and try one of the following:

    1. Use a less fine cofffee.

    2. Tamp with less pressure.

    3. Try both 1 & 2 above. 

  • How do I make really excellent coffee with the ROK?

    WARNING: Risk of burns. Do not try to create as much pressure as you can. The aim is great espresso - not maximum pressure, STOP if it's a struggle to pull the arms down. The coffee might be too fine or tamped too densely. The water must be able to pass through the coffee in the portafilter.


    - Top 3 tips - experiment, experiment and experiment! Remember the ROK is the antithesis of an electronically programmed machine. You are in control. You are the 'settings' - part of the pleasure is making the coffee - the other part is enjoying the result. Good luck - and keep experimenting as the ROK will grow with you ...... These tips should help ......

    - Make sure you use clean fresh water that has not been re-boiled.

    - For the best results make sure the coffee is fresh. Grinding your own beans is best.

    - It is the coffee itself that creates the back-pressure, so ......

    - Use coffee grounds suitable for Espresso. Not too coarse or the water will pass through too easily, you won't feel much pressure in the arms and the coffee will be weak and thin. Not too fine or it will be very hard to push the arms down.  WARNING: Risk of burns. Do not create so much pressure that it becomes too hard to pull the arms down.

    - Tamp down the grounds (about 16g) firmly with the ROK spoon tamper. A good tip is to build the coffee up in small layers, pressing each layer down firmly as you go.

    - How you tamp is as important as the coffee itself - if you don't tamp firmly enough there will not be enough density to create back-pressure; if you tamp too tightly the water may struggle to pass through.

    - An expert tip is to warm the portafilter before you put the coffee in. 

    - After filling the ROK with hot water raise the arms then lower a little just until you feel a push-back; then let the water infuse into the grinds for a few seconds.

    - Now lift the arms and then pull them down firmly all the way. An extraction should take between 20 and 30 seconds. You choose! 

    - For maximum crema, try overfilling the cylinder with hot water to increase the pressure.  WARNING: Risk of burns. Do not create so much pressure that it becomes too hard to pull the arms down.

    - Push the handles downwards in a firm, smooth motion and hold them at the end of the stroke (curl your fingers around the base legs) until all the water has been extracted.

    - It's a good idea to squeeze the arms down a second time for more crema.

    - Catch the remainder in a second cup and throw this away.


  • What are the weight and dimensions of the ROK?

    Each ROK is delivered in its own shipper box w33.5cm x d26cm x h35.5cm

    Total weight 3.8kg.


    The ROK by itself has the following dimensions: w22cm x d13cm x h29cm

    Weight: 2.8kg.


    And the storage tin: w27cm x d20cm x h31cm

    Total weight including contents 3kg.

  • My card is being rejected - why?

    We find that many of our overseas customers need to contact their credit card provider to have a block removed on international transactions. In almost all cases this solves the problem.

    Please check your billing address is entered - this is the address your credit card company has register - it may be different from the delivery address. 

    If your card does not have a start date, there is no need to fill in this box on the checkout page. If you card starts 2015, you do not need to fill in this box.

  • How much do the ROK espresso maker and ROK grinder cost?

    Go to our shop page to check prices here.

  • How do I clean and maintain my ROK?

    To clean your ROK, simply remove the portafilter by turning to the right, knock out the coffee ‘cake’ into a bin and rinse off any remaining coffee grounds that may be left on the body. Occasionally wash with soapy water but do not put the ROK through a dishwasher. The salts will destroy the high quality finish. The milk frother, however, is dishwasher safe.

    Occasionally, you may want to maintain your ROK more thoroughly. You can do this in 2 ways -

    With the portafilter removed and the ROK upside down, press the centre of the round rubber diaphragm (with the small holes). You will see that this diaphragm deforms allowing you to remove it from the edge. Clean the diaphragm with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before replacing it, and also clean and dry the inside of ROK from the underside. Replace the diaphragm before usage.

    Undo the double top bolt which attaches the plunger to the metal arms. With the bolts off the arms will fold back allowing you to remove the plunger and water cylinder. Clean thoroughly with warm soapy water, dry thoroughy and re-assemble.

    To clean the portafilter, remove the inner basket (taking care not to lose the metal ring which keeps it in place) and rinse under running water.

  • How much bar pressure do you get from ROK?

    This depends a lot on how firmly you press the arms down. In normal usage expect between 5 to 10 bar.

  • How can I get hotter coffee?

    Pre-warm the portafilter - put it in a cup of boiled water for a few minutes (make sure the ROK body is warm and not out of a cold cupboard etc).

    Warm up your cups with some hot water before you use them also.

  • How can I stop the portafilter unwinding when I press down?

    After some time there may be a build up of oily coffee residues on the surface of the bayonet mechanism. This can be solved by cleaning the surfaces with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Follow the instructions in 'How do I clean my ROK' paying special attention to cleaning the area where the chrome portafilter attaches.

  • Where can I buy ROK?

    The ROK espresso maker can be ordered from this website by visiting the shop page.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    The metal parts of the ROK espresso maker are guaranteed for 10 years. Click here to download the 10 year guarantee.

    If a metal part fails, email us a photo of the part together with proof of purchase and we will post a replacement to you free of charge. 

    Labour charges are not included in the guarantee as all the parts are designed to be easy to fit at home and no specialist skills or tools are needed. 

  • Does the ROK espresso maker need to be plugged into electricity?

    No - the ROK espresso maker is manually operated – it just needs you to pull the water through the coffee.

  • Does the ROK espresso maker heat the water?

    No - you will need to have access to hot water. At home this is easy – when travelling maybe just take a thermos flask.

  • Does the ROK espresso maker need a specific coffee brand?

    No - you can use any coffee brand you like. 

  • Does the ROK espresso maker need a particular grind?

    The coffee grind should be specifically for making espressos. The grind should be fine. If it’s coarse, the water will pass through too easily so it won’t create enough pressure. If it's too fine it might be too dense and create too much resistance.

  • The ROK espresso maker looks like the Presso I have seen before – is it the same?

    Yes and no! The ROK espresso maker began life as the Presso – but now it’s been completely re-tooled with 100% new parts for a sharper feel and it’s crafted from an alloy with 35% more tensile strength. We have also made other design improvements and added a 10 year guarantee to reinforce our faith in its quality and durability.

  • What are the improvements over the Presso?

    1. It comes in a large re-usable storage tin rather than a cardboard box.

    2. The Milk Frother is now stainless steel instead of plastic.

    3. The alloy has 35% more tensile strength.

    4. The base has been chrome plated to keep it looking shiny and easy to clean.

    5. The plunger has been strengthened.

    6. The upper linking arms have 65g more metal for longer life.

    7. The base has 4 x rubber feet to keep it from sliding

    8. There is now a 10 year guarantee instead of 1.

  • I have a Presso. Will the ROK portafilter fit my Presso?

    Yes, the portafilter is compatible with your Presso.

  • Can the ROK espresso maker produce a single espresso?

    It's been designed to make a double espresso but using the supplied accessory spout you can make 2 x single espressos.

  • Can I buy spare parts?

    Yes, you can order them from the SHOP page on this website.

  • I have read the FAQ and looked at all the help videos - how can I speak to someone?